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12 Mar 2012

JEC Europe 2012 - FiberSIM 2012 delivers key capabilities for reducing uncertainty in the behaviour of composite parts by defining, communicating, and validating desired fiber orientations throughout the product development process, ensuring that they meet specifications.

Increasing opportunities for optimizing designs: FiberSIM 2012 increases confidence in the way manufactured composite parts will perform by providing a new Spine-Based Rosette that enables desired fiber orientations to be defined along a curve or edge that can then be communicated and validated throughout the development cycle.


Accurately simulating how composite materials conform to complex shapes: The latest version of FiberSIM enables users to simulate a greater number of materials and manufacturing processes used in composites-intensive industries with the first-ever Spine-Based Simulation for parts produced using steered fiber methods.


Communicating a complete part definition between design and analysis: FiberSIM 2012 introduces a breakthrough in the exchange of Multi-axial Material and Core data to allow for the efficient communication of two critical design components between analysts and designers throughout the iterative development cycle.


Simplifying composite part development and documentation: The latest version of FiberSIM simplifies composite development with new, intuitive tools for design and documentation for engineers of all disciplines with different levels of composite knowledge and experience.  


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