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PT Technologies appoint Ami-Con as an exclusive UK composites distributor

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9 Jul 2013

PT Technologies Europe is a manufacturer of specially formulated low VOC water-based cleaners and environmentally responsible solvent surface cleaning.

PT Technologies ensure their products are designed and packaged with a focus on cost, consumption and environmental impact reductions, providing real solutions to customers facing challenges with solvent consumption, VOC emissions, environmental and waste concerns, health & safety issues and flammable hazards.

Quality standards are at the forefront of PT Technologies operation from product development and manufacture to storage, distribution and administration. PT Technologies are a Tier 1 Supplier to Airbus UK and have received 2 material supplier awards for outstanding achievement, delivery and quality performance

PT Technologies have a wide selection of products to assist in the daily challenges faced by customers.  Ami-Con will be able to provide the full range of these products, two of which are detailed below:

PF-SR sealant remover & slvent cleaner
PF-SR Sealant Remover is a heavy duty, residue free, high flash point solvent based cleaner and degreaser for surface cleaning of gross soils, sealant and adhesive residues, fabrication soils and marking inks during Aerospace MRO & OEM parts cleaning operations. PF-SR is also an effective cleaning solvent in preparing and cleaning tooling of composite structures.

PF AquaForte water based surface cleaner & degreaser
PF AquaForte is a non solvent aqueous cleaner and degreaser for safer surface cleaning in aerospace OEM and MRO. It is an effective low VOC alternative to solvent cleaners for surface preparation during manufacture, fabrication and maintenance activities. Removes oils, soils, cutting fluids, sealant residues and general shop soils. A water based cleaning solution is an ideal replacement for solvent based cleaners, especially when working in confined or poorly ventilated spaces.

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