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Qatar Ag and Prodrive agree strategic partnership

News International-French

14 Feb 2012

Qatar Automotive Gateway, the company responsible for developing a cutting-edge automotive technology industry cluster in Qatar and Prodrive, one of the world’s leading automotive technology and motorsport businesses.

Carbon fibre composites are now set to play an increasingly important role in the automotive industry. Traditionally used in the automotive industry in high-value, performance vehicles, the emergence of new materials and production technologies are paving the way to a far broader range of usage. Scores of leading global automotive companies are now pursuing long-term strategies for the use of these materials in mainstream automotive production and initially in electric cars. The materials’ properties provide a cost-effective method to significantly reduce the mass of finished products, thereby making a substantial contribution to improvements in fuel efficiency, range (in the case of electric vehicles) and a consequent reduction in emissions. With increasingly challenging targets for emissions internationally, carbon fibre composites provide manufacturers with a newtool for achieving their environmental objectives.

The new technologies and techniques to produce cost-effective carbon fibre composite parts are complementing the traditional methods of production and enabling a broader range of applications for the material to be accessible to manufacturers. These techniques will come into large-scale production over the coming years enabling an exponential change in volumes for the industry.


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