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QIYI continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites production started

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8 May 2012

Jiangsu QIYI Science and Technology Co., Ltd started a new production line. This is the first phase of continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites project.

This project will supply to CIMC and a Bus Company in Jiangsu.


Continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite materials project covers a land of 100000 square meters with a total investment of $49 million USD. QIYI has hired a Ph.D. from Canada using the independent research and development technology and production process.


The designed annual production capacities are 1000 tons of continuous carbon fiber reinforced PET strip, 9000 tons PP strip, 10000 tons plate. Predicted sales creation is 1 billion Yuan with profit/tax of 200 million Yuan.


Other QIYI products include grafted nanometer flame retardant material and light polypropylene foaming material.



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