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Quadrant opens a plant for composite materials in Slovakia

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25 May 2015

The Mitsubishi Plastics sub-subsidiary, has built a plant for its high-performance light-weight glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite materials.

The start of production was celebrated by an opening ceremony which took place on 20 May in Nitra, Slovakia. Thermoplastic composite materials are seeing increased demand in highly-durable automotive applications as well as in non-automotive sectors like transportation, building & construction and decorative design. Quadrant responds with this new plant to a growing demand for an increased capacity.

The new plant in Nitra is dedicated to manufacture SymaLITE light-weight sheets that combine polypropylene (PP) and glass-fibre using Quadrant’s proven technology. With the expansion in Eastern Europe, Quadrant will add capacity to its global SymaLITE manufacturing base with plants in Europe, North America and Asia. Quadrant operates the company under the name Quadrant Plastic Composites Slovakia s.r.o.

Molded parts manufactured from Quadrant’s SymaLITE semi-finished sheet products are used in various components of a car. Traditional components in many cases require noise proofing solutions whereas SymaLITE provides noise absorption properties inherently. Therefore, the production process is less complex and also the finished part weight can be reduced. Weight reduction and improved aerodynamics are key drivers of the fuel economy which both are positively influenced by the use of SymaLITE products in automotive applications such as underbody shields and headliners.

The Opening Ceremony was attended by high-ranking MPI and Quadrant staff members as well as the President of Nitra Self-Governing Region, Mr. Milan Belica, the Head of Nitra City Administration, Mr. Igor Krska, and the Vicemayor Mr. Martin Nemky.

The signs for the future are promising. Automobile production for Central and Eastern Europe is on a positive path for car makers from Europe and Asia. Sales have increased in premium segment cars in Europe. With this new location, Quadrant has a production base where the company has easy access to customers to further grow the business in the future.

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