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Quantum Composites : driving performance with Advanced Molding Compounds (AMC)

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11 Aug 2011

New component applications for Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A., and Callaway Golf Company meet demanding criteria for higher strength, lighter weight, and greater design fl exibility at lower production costs than possible before.

Quantum Composites : driving performance with Advanced Molding Compounds (AMC)

This announcement has been made by Quantum Composites of Bay City, Michigan, regarding a new passenger cell, monocoque structure application for the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento, a technology demonstrator, and new driver head components for Callaway’s RAZR Hawk™ and Diablo Octane™ clubs. Quantum is part of The Composites Group, headquartered in North Kingsville, Ohio.

An AMC developed and manufactured by Quantum Composites was extensively researched and evaluated through a strategic alliance with Lamborghini and Callaway in conjunction with the University of Washington.

“The result was an advanced, discontinuous carbon-fiber composite that easily flows and fi lls complex 3-D mold cavities – meeting extremely high material performance criteria while dramatically lowering processing costs,” said Matt Douglas, marketing manager of Quantum Composites.

This AMC, also referred to as a “Forged Composite™” by Callaway and Lamborghini, includes turbostratic carbon fi bers that enhance the material’s superior strength and allow for a better power to weight ratio compared to metal alloys typically used by the automotive and recreation industries.

Callaway’s new driver heads will be displayed at The Composites Group’s booth at the Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering show (SAMPE) May 23-26 in Long Beach, California. A paper on the research, testing, material formulation and processing was presented at the JEC show in March of 2011 in Paris, France.

This unique collaboration among high-performance companies also fast-tracked the new application and material development process,” added Terry Morgan, chief executive offi cer of The Composites Group. “As a team, we engineered a material that replaced titanium and carbon fi ber prepreg in a Callaway application and an alternate composite for Lamborghini. It proved to be a winning team that you might say is used to being driven to success.”

“We’re excited about the potential of this new carbon fi ber reinforced material in high-performance applications, based on the proven success of these new applications, “added Douglas. “We appreciate the confi dence placed in us by Lamborghini and Callaway Golf and very much enjoyed working with them on these projects.”

About The Composites Group
The Composites Group includes: Premix, Inc. of North Kingsville, Ohio, the largest North American developer, formulator, and manufacturer of thermoset compounds and custom-molded components; Hadlock Plastics of Geneva, Ohio, which offers multiple molding technologies as well as precision machining, complete fi nishing and complex assembly; and Quantum Composites of Bay City, Michigan, which specializes in developing, formulating and manufacturing high-performance engineered structural composites.
The Composites Group corporate offi ce is located in North Kingsville, Ohio.

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