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QuickFloor, a modular floor coating that improves surface quality

News International-French

12 Feb 2019

QuickFloor is a product based on vegetable polyurethane used with a solution developed for coating floors in wet areas of buildings (bathroom, kitchen and laundry).

QuickFloor, a modular floor coating that improves surface quality
In conventional floor covering systems, several successive stages of material application are required to achieve all the necessary characteristics, from the waterproofing of the slab, mechanical protection on the waterproofing, ceramic coating, grouting and waterproofing of drain edges. QuickFloor is an industrialized, modular floor coating that eliminates stages in the construction process, is impermeable and produced from high-performance renewable materials. It offers abrasion, compression, traction, and impact resistance, and Class A surface quality.

Its main focus is to accelerate the construction process (installed in 30 minutes) and improve the performance of current systems. In addition to these points, there is no grout, which facilitates cleaning, drastically reduces maintenance costs, allows design flexibility and a variety of surface finishes. The product eliminates steps in the coating processes described above, since only a single application step is required.

G12 Innovation will showcase its QuickFloor product at JEC World 2019, among other composite innovations at Booth M89, Pavilion 5.