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Quickstep delivers first F‐35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter parts from Bankstown facility

News International-French

26 Mar 2013

Carbon composites manufacturer Quickstep announced that it has delivered from its new Bankstown facility its first parts for the F‐35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) program to global aerospace company Northrop Grumman Corporation.

The parts were completed according to the schedule agreed when the company made its decision to move to Bankstown some two years ago. The company will continue ramping up production from now. Quickstep has now received purchase orders for all three groups of parts.


Quickstep managing director, Philippe Odouard said: “These parts are the first completed at Quickstep’s new manufacturing plant at Bankstown Airport. The timely delivery of this carbon fibre composite part is an important validation of the significant investment in this facility and the quality of our processes."


Quickstep has continued to meet all JSF delivery deadlines agreed with Northrop Grumman while establishing, qualifying and now delivering from the new facility. By meeting demanding schedules, we  have demonstrated our readiness to service large global supply chain contracts. ”


The parts are complex panels for the JSF aircraft and one of 21 parts to be manufactured by Quickstep under its Northrop Grumman JSF contracts utilizing our state of the art production facilities including autoclaves, precision machining centres, coordinate measuring machines, non-destructive testing equipment and paint facilities.  The delivery of these parts validates our staff readiness and the successful transfer of production from Perth to Sydney.


Approximately 3000 JSF aircraft are expected to be delivered over the life of the program, which is valued at more than US$300 billion. More than 58 JSF aircraft have been delivered to the US Department of Defence to date.  


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