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Quickstep wins aerospace Australia defense innovation award

News International-French

25 Feb 2015

Quickstep Holdings, the manufacturer of high-grade carbon-fibre components for the aerospace and automotive industries, is pleased to announce that it has received the Aerospace Australia Defence Industry Innovation Award for 2015.

The award, which recognises an Australian company’s outstanding originality and innovation, demonstrated commercial success, and understanding of customers' needs, was presented by Aerospace Australia's chairman, Air Marshal Les Fisher, at a ceremony during Avalon 2015, the Australian International Air Show.

The Quickstep Process is a revolutionary technology which outperforms the current benchmark for aerospace composite curing – large heated pressure vessels known as autoclaves – to enable replacement of batch processing with faster, more energy efficient serial production. Its unique capability is founded in the use of fluids to cure components, which improves control over curing and reduces cycle times. This process enables significant savings compared to traditional curing methods such as convective heating.

David Marino, managing director of Quickstep, said the award was a strong endorsement of the company's technology. "We are delighted to receive this industry award which highlights the quality of Quickstep's innovation for the aerospace and defence industry globally. Lightweight, super-strong carbon-fibre structures are the way of the future and the Quickstep Process offers great advantages for companies demanding faster production at lower cost.

"Our first Quickstep Process plant for a commercial customer is nearing delivery. Aerospace components manufacturer ORPE Technologiya will use the Quickstep Process to manufacture 4.5 metre x 6 metre shielding for satellite launch vehicles, realising significant cost savings compared to traditional curing techniques.”

Quickstep is also working with other aerospace and defence companies, including Airbus, to demonstrate the use of its technology for a range of aerostructures.

The Quickstep Process addresses industry needs for a faster, more cost effective method of developing carbon-fibre composite structures. Benefits of the new technology include shorter curing times, simplified tooling processes and lower costs.