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Radiall SMPM connector offers improved insulator based on Victrex PEEK polymer

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7 Jun 2012

Radiall’s SMPM snap-on connectors are designed to be highly reliable and durable in military and airborne telecommunications applications such as antennas and radar. However, traditional PTFE machined insulators were contributing to poor connectivity issues, reducing the performance of the overall connector. The poor connectivity was due to the snap-on part experiencing creep and deforming over multiple uses.

SMPM connector systems are similar to the SMP- or SMP-com series. They are snap-on or push-on types with a coaxial configuration. The difference between these connectors is that the SMPM one is more compact (about 30% smaller), offering a stable performance up to frequencies of up to 65GHz opposed to a maximum of 40GHz the SMP type coax connectors can perform at.


Radiall's solution was to mold a new ultra-miniature insulator based on VICTREX® PEEK polymer, and this has now been implemented on most SMPM cable and receptacle connectors. This innovative insulator is less than 2.0mm (0.079in) in diameter, and its shape has been optimized using advanced simulation software to provide superior creep resistance, and therefore excellent performance properties that have proven to be more consistent than PTFE. An additional benefit is that SMPM connectors using the VICTREX PEEK-based insulator are much less likely to experience mechanical stress and overheating during soldering and assembly.


The main advantages of SMPM connectors are their relatively small size and high operating frequency, as compared with similar push-on or blind-mate connector series. Radiall’s SMPM connectors meet and exceed the MIL-STD-348 standard. They are rated for an impedance of 50 ohms and operate in a frequency range up to 65GHz. The connector body is composed of beryllium copper or stainless steel, and the series is available with either a smooth bore or full detent interface.



About Victrex PEEK

Vistrex PEEK is a thermoplastic polymer that combines outstanding mechanical properties and chemical resistance even at very high temperature. Also, the ease and cost efficiency of processing VICTREX PEEK make it an ideal high performance material for demanding electronics applications



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