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Radioscopy and 3D computer tomography

News International-French

9 Mar 2015

JEC Europe 2015 - RX Solutions, an expert in non-destructive X-ray, offers tailored services in digital radioscopy and high-resolution 3D tomography.

Thos solutions can be used for metrology, healthcare and industrial applications (aeronautics & aerospace, chemistry & metallurgy, energy & exploitation, electronics, plastics injection moulding, military, telecommunications and broadcasting). RX Solutions equipment uses X-ray generators with the latest generation of imagers to achieve resolutions of a micron or less.

From 2D or 3D views, RX Solutions provides:

  • internal and external dimensional measurements
  • 3D scanning including the interior
  • search for defects, cracks
  • porosity or fibre analysis
  • thickness control
  • assemblies inspection
  • STL export
  • CAO comparison

RX SOLUTIONS develops and markets complete equipment for X-ray imaging. With a strong capacity for innovation and R&D, the company provides a machine to match the customer’s specific requirements.

More information:
Booth: N75