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RAMPF presents first-class solutions for modeling and mold construction

News International-French

6 Oct 2014

The company is presenting its comprehensive Raku-Tool product portfolio for modeling and mold construction. The polyurethane and epoxy resin materials are used at virtually all stages of product development – from design to manufacture – and ensure high-quality and cost-effective results.

The products are customized to meet the exact needs and applications of customers and are used especially in the automotive, marine, and aerospace industries.

Close Contour Castings are delivered as a three dimensional shape which is already a close contour of the final shape. The pro-duction process takes place in-house at RAMPF’s Close Contour Centre in Lake Forest, CA. For this process, close co-operation between the customer and RAMPF is essential.



Using the customer‘s areal data, a light close contour mold is machined (1).
A release agent is then applied before the mold is filled using a special casting process (2).
After demolding and post cure of casting, the casting is ready for machining (3).