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Rampf showcases new development of its low-pressure mixing and dispensing system

News International-French

20 Sep 2013

The DC-CNC 800 low-pressure mixing and dispensing system is the number one choice for the 2D or 3D application of casting, sealing, and adhesive systems.

The DC-CNC 800 low-pressure mixing and dispensing system features an integrated material preparation system and has the option of being fitted with piston or gear pumps. Further advantages include the CNC Siemens Sinumerik modular control system and integrated process control for continuous monitoring of pressure, fill level, and speed. The system can optionally be equipped with a high-pressure rinse agent recycling system, high-pressure water rinsing or various items of automation equipment depending on the application in question.

With the development of the system, standardized operating concepts for the sliding table, rotary index plate and conveyor feed have now been integrated. The larger tanks improve the material preparation system, ensuring more material-friendly homogenization and faster degassing. Accessibility has also been significantly improved for maintenance work on the piston or gear pumps and controls.

Moreover, the DC-CNC 800 can be fitted with the MS-C mixing system for a dispensing output from 0.1 g/sec. Vacuum barrel presses for gap filler can also be integrated into the low-pressure mixing and dis-pensing system.