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A range of L-RTM reinforcement which enable good surface finish and print-through performance

News International-French

18 Jan 2016

As part of a rapid product innovation strategy, Ilium Composites launches a closed mould reinforcement, incorporating an advanced, incorporated polyester surface veil for improved print-through performance, only previously possible with an additional costly surface veil.

Ilium Composites manufactures closed mould reinforcements using a unique and patented technology in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The existing standard iSpring range uses a lightweight polyester surface veil for improved aesthetics, without loss of conformability properties. The ‘SF’ range takes this to a new level by utilizing a higher density surface veil, while still allowing good drape and conformability behaviour.

Ilium’s manufacturing capability integrates this surface veil as a multi-functional element of the product, without using any chemical binder. This ensures that both the glass reinforcement and the surface veil function as a single, mouldable product with uniform conformability, rather than 2 independent plies with different behavioural characteristics.

As a result, customers can expect to implement the new reinforcement within their production plant seamlessly. They will instantly improve their product quality, especially in surface finish critical applications, such as automotive panels, mass transport, water slides and architectural mouldings.

Ilium expects iSpring SF to set a new global standard in acceptable levels of print-through. Additional benefits shown have proven to help customers remove expensive skin coat layers as well as reduce gelcoat thickness and quality defect re-work.

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