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Rapid expansion for Caterham Composites

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2 May 2012

Caterham Composites, the composite design and engineering specialist arm of Caterham Group, has confirmed that it will be expanding its operational bases in Germany and the UK in order to meet the demands of the large number of projects it has taken on in recent months in the aerospace, automotive, marine and motorsport industries.

After a very successful first few months in operation Caterham Composites is now moving to new office facilities in Hürth, Germany as well as expanding its manufacturing facilities in Hingham, UK.

Managing Director Phil Hall: “We have enjoyed a very positive first few months in operation and it is clear that we are benefitting from being part of the Caterham Group, giving our composites experts the resources they need to work on the large-scale projects that are helping fuel our expansion.”

Hall also highlights their investment into simulation technology, mainly computer aided design, computer-aided simulation and computer-aided manufacturing. “All of these investments enable Caterham Composites to look at traceability analysis, nesting and maximising material usage, all of which are key factors for OEMs. The signs point to a bright future for composites across a variety of industries and we are in prime position to set the standards in the composites industry for many years to come.”

Set up as an engineering consultancy in composite design, Caterham Composites has created new demand for its specialist abilities in the marine, aerospace and niche automotive industries. Behind Caterham Composites’ expansion strategy is a team of experts from various industry backgrounds who are determined to achieve the unachieved.

Fellow Managing Director Duncan Bell is also enthusiastic about the company’s expansion plans:
“We have been commissioned to work on some very interesting short and long-term projects and the real positive for me is that we are now working in several new markets that have only just embraced the benefits of composite manufacturing and design. We have taken a lateral look at where we can add value and that is helping all our customers create a competitive edge, using our in-depth knowledge of structural lightweight materials.”

Mike Gascoyne, Caterham Group Chief Technical Officer, echoed the sentiments expressed by Phil and Duncan: “These are very exciting times for Caterham Composites and the move to the Loft in Germany, in concert with the expansion of our manufacturing capacity in Hingham, is proof that we are on the right track. We are already working on some very interesting projects, for example with Alex Thomson Racing, our first partnership in the marine industry, and in January 2012 we entered a strategic partnership with Altair Engineering GmbH. This is a unique partnership and enables us to streamline the critical exchange between design and simulation, empowering each company’s clients with innovative, high-end quality solutions.”

Caterham Composite’s new design space, internally referred to as “The Loft”, is located at Hürth, Germany.


About Caterham Composites
Caterham Composites are the experts in unrivalled lightweight structural solutions. As part of the Caterham Group, Caterham Composites is a specialist company delivering turn-key solutions with a focus on the aerospace, automotive, marine and motorsport industries including Formula One - the leading sector for structural lightweight solutions and applied technologies. Through the highest level of involvement, covering more than 25 years, Caterham Composites uses its vast experience to harness groundbreaking technology to tailor cutting-edge innovative solutions for all its clients’ needs.



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