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RapiFlex: Composite Prototypes within short lead times

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7 Sep 2012

Composiflex introduces Rapiflex program to provide advanced composite prototypes within short lead times.

With the new RAPIFLEX program, Composiflex is delivering carbon fiber, fiberglass, aramid, and other advanced composite prototypes with dramatically improved lead times.  Composiflex has slashed the time to deliver many types of prototype components by 40% or more. Quick-turn prototypes enable customers to achieve production status sooner or permit more design iterations during product development.
ERIE, PA (August 27, 2012) - - Composiflex, a global supplier of highly-engineered composite products, has introduced the RAPIFLEX prototype program which enables delivery of real advanced composite prototypes with drastically improved lead times.

Improvements in turn-around-time have been achieved by utilizing innovative tooling and manufacturing processes along with dedicated resources. Tooling can normally be used for initial production as well.

 “Our customers have continued to push for faster delivery of products during the product development cycle. Through our new RAPIFLEX program, Composiflex is committed to delivering prototypes faster than ever before,” said Marty Matthews, Composiflex Marketing Executive.   

Matthews also noted that, “Not only do our prototypes offer the ability to check form and fit like most traditional rapid prototyping techniques, but our real advanced composite RAPIFLEX prototypes can be used to evaluate a components function in the application.

The program was well-received by design engineers and other attendees at this month’s AUVSI tradeshow.
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About Composiflex
For over a quarter century, Composiflex has been an innovator in the design and manufacture of advanced high-performance composites. Specializing in custom designs, Composiflex serves aerospace, military, ballistic protection, medical, industrial, and other markets. The company is characterized by its “art-to-part” projects made possible by its knowledgeable engineering staff, broad materials expertise, cost-effective rapid prototyping methods, and range of modern manufacturing technologies. Certified to ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100:2009 standards, Composiflex conducts operations in Erie, PA, USA. 


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