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RazorJet composite trimming cell

News International-French

5 Nov 2012

JEC Americas 2012 - A revolutionary combination of innovative technologies, the RazorJet is the ideal tool for accurately trimming small, 3D composite parts with unmatched flexibility. A highly accurate KUKA robot put in motion with Genesis automation expertise provides remarkable path accuracy, while the Flow waterjet seamlessly cuts the composite material without heat, fibre pull-out or delamination. This robotic waterjet cutting system provides more efficient cutting and overall time and cost savings.

When cutting 3D parts, creating new fixtures and testing different cutting paths can be time-consuming and expensive. The RazorJet reduces the amount of fixturing needed for the project by simplifying the work holding process.


Time requirements and complications of robot part programming are also simplified. With the RazorJet, CAD to part is now a reality. The days of cut, measure and adjust the cutting path are over. The system offers off-line programming software that makes it possible to cut parts to net shape the first time and every time. It has an optional vision system to determine where critical features of the part are in 3D space and will compensate in order to cut the part based on the location of the critical features. This alleviates inaccuracies stemming from part pick-up and part gripping.


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