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The real winter downhill mountain biking alternative

News International-French

7 Jul 2015

Give a prototype that reproduces as closely as possible the feelings given by a regular mountain bike to the addicts of the sport who want to extend their season during the winter.

This project is part of the major conception projects created by Sherbrooke’s university mechanical engineering students. Our projects targets the enthusiast mountain bike riders who want to extend their season in the winter by offering them a prototype reproducing as closely as possible the feelings given by their regular mountain bike. To judge of the project’s success, the analogue components to be evaluated are stability, braking capacities, manoeuvrability and propulsion. All these criteria will be evaluated in dammed snow to light powder snow conditions and compared to the performances of a regular mountain bike used in the summer. Products now available do not perform well in all these criteria, either by the absence of a propulsion system or by poor manoeuvrability.

Projet Avalanche team must deal with a limited budget since all funding is based on sponsorship and a tight schedule considering the workload of the members and restricted access to material resources.

To identify well the requirements of the project, the needs of future users were revealed, sorted and analysed. There seems to be two major opportunities opening for the project, which are integration in ski resorts and in national parks.

To ensure the project’s success, preliminary market and technical feasibility studies. Presence of competition proves the existence of a potential market and our preliminary calculations show that the project can technically be done. Of course, the prototype must also meet the requirements in terms of performance to stand a chance in further commercial avenues.

Projet Avalanche team members are confident about delivering a functional prototype meeting all the requirements previously set to fulfill the lack of thrills suffered by the mountain bike lovers during the winter. This prototype will be presented at the “Mecageniale” exposition at the beginning of December 2015 at Sherbrooke’s University.

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