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Recycled (pyrolysis) carbon fibre mat for industrial use

News International-French

28 Feb 2014

JEC Europe 2014 - Advances in recycling technologies have promoted the development of this new and innovative product.

Where dry off-cuts of carbon fibre have been used in the past to form reconstituted non-woven mats, this new product from ELG Carbon Fibre uses advanced technology to produce a nonwoven material from scrap CFRP and waste prepregs. This new method of generating feed material to produce a mat is the first commercialised method that recovers high-value fibres from FRP materials.

The Carbiso mat is under development and will be launched this year. It has many potential applications, especially in tooling prepregs, roof mouldings for cars, interlaminar layers for sports goods such as boards, SMC/BMC and, of course, preforming.

The advantages of this product include lower price, no sizing agents on fibres, abundant supply and eco-benefits, which are great for marketing.

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