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Recycling vine shoots into a biosourced micronized flour

News International-French

23 Feb 2016

JEC World 2016 - Founded in 2013, Vitis Valorem recycles vine shoots to produce a patented micronized flour: Sarmine.

Vine shoot is a new, 100% biodegradable biosourced raw material. With around 800,000 ha of vineyards in France, Vitis Valorem is the pioneer for a new local and green economy network based on recycling vine by-products.

Sarmine is available in large quantities for various uses:
- compound for the plastic industries, urban and domestic furniture, road signs, etc.;
- biosourced raw material for sound and thermal insulation, bricks, tiles, etc.;
- biosourced raw material for agronomic research, cosmetics and pharmacy, etc.

The company is seeking new partnerships to help industries use Sarmine rather than oil-based or other biosourced raw materials (such as linen, hemp, cellulose or starch).

More information:
Booth: Hall 5A / D70