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Redelease and Hernon to form a joint venture

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5 Jul 2012

Redelease, one of the main distributors of specialty chemicals in Brazil, and Hernon, a North American manufacturer of adhesives and sealants, have formed a joint venture. Headquartered in São Paulo, Hernon-Redelease will supply the industrial sector with a portfolio that will initially include 200 items – in the U.S., Hernon has more than 5,000 formulations, and many of them are approved by the military. The agreement between the two companies also includes the construction of a plant in Brazil, in 2014.

        “We will combine our experience in serving various types of industries with hundreds of cutting-edge solutions developed by Hernon. Thus, we expect to achieve a share of at least 10% of the market of industrial adhesives and sealants within two years,” said Roberto Iacovella, managing director of Redelease.

        In operation for two decades, Redelease is the official distributor of companies such as AkzoNobelAshlandChem-TrendLord, Owens Corning and SI Group-Crios Resinas, among others. From the two units in São Paulo and one in Campinas, it sells approximately 400 products consumed by molders of composites, polyurethane, thermoplastic and wood, as well as companies specialized in casting.


        For Edgardo Rodriguez, sales and marketing director of Hernon, Redelease is the ideal partner in Brazil, as it combines tradition, strict financial control and market knowledge. “And especially because it is able to provide the technical support required by our potential customers,” he says.

        Founded in 1978, Hernon began its activities formulating adhesives and sealing compounds for the U.S. Department of Defense. In the following years, it has consolidated its position as a supplier of segments that require high technology, such as the aerospace – Nasa is one of its clients – automotive, electronics and naval industries, among others. Headquartered in Sanford, Florida, Hernon holds operations in the same format as the one agreed with Redelease in China, South Korea and India, besides directly exporting to 27 countries.


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