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Redelease takes over the distribution of acrylic resins produced by SI Group-Crios

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12 Sep 2012

Redelease, a leading distributor of specialty chemicals in Brazil, took over the distribution of solvent-based acrylic resins produced by SI Group-Crios, a U.S. company that has manufacturing plants in the cities of Rio Claro and Jundiaí, in São Paulo. Used in the manufacture of paints, the resins will be supplied by Redelease to the automotive and industrial markets.

“Initially, we expect to negotiate 25 tons/month, mainly in the automotive repainting segment,” says Rubens Cruz, managing partner of Redelease. To achieve this volume, Cruz bets on the combination between the recognized quality of the resins produced by SI Group-Crios – a global leader in chemical intermediates – and the fact that the company produces them in Brazil.

“The proximity of the plants will make the distribution process far more agile. In addition, we will be able to add other products consumed by the same clients of the acrylic resins line, such as titanium dioxide and solvents”. Redelease currently distributes approximately 400 items to the paint, composite, thermoplastic and abrasive markets.

The increased agility was, in fact, one of the reasons that led SI Group-Crios to decide to enter into the contract with Redelease, says Marcos Battistin, business manager. “Redelease will be able to fulfill the orders of smaller clients extremely quickly,” he believes.


The partnership between the two companies started in 2005, with the beginning of the distribution of phenolic resins. Then, Redelease incorporated to its portfolio the urea-formaldehyde resins produced by SI Group Crios. And, last year, it included the molding powder, which is present in several types of auto parts.


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