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Reichhold’s Advalite - Resins for composite applications

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4 Mar 2016

JEC World 2016 - The products include Advalite liquid and Advalite hot melt prepreg resins.

At JEC World 2016 Reichhold will continue to introduce innovations in the ground breaking technology based on proprietary vinyl hybrid resin chemistry for composite applications. The hot melt resins are monomer free and the liquid resins are styrene free and typically do not contain reactive diluents.

An extension of the Advalite resin chemistry has led to the development of Norpol gel-coats. These gel-coats are styrene free, contain zero or a low level of added monomer which equates to very low emissions and shrinkage. They also display high weathering resistance and mechanical properties.

The Advalite vinyl hybrid liquid and hot melt resins can be used in conjunction with fiberglass and compatible carbon fibre reinforcements. Further testing on carbon fibre sizing technology has allowed the Advalite resins to achieve similar mechanical and thermo mechanical properties as compared to epoxy resins. Advalite resins display fast cure characteristics together with longer out-life and shelf stability at room temperature.

The Advalite liquid resins can be used in RTM, infusion, filament winding, liquid moulding and pultrusion processes. The Aadvalite hot melt resins can be either directly coated or adhesive filmed for fibre impregnation. The resin properties can be adjusted to meet individual application.

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