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Reichhold continuing innovation in vinyl hybrid resins

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24 Feb 2015

JEC Europe 2015 - At JEC Europe 2015, Reichhold will promote new innovations in its novel technology based on proprietary vinyl hybrid resin chemistry for composite applications. 

The products include Advalite liquid and Advalite hot melt prepreg resins. The hot melt resins are monomer free and the liquid resins are styrene free.

Based on customer needs for rapid curing of thick-wall filament-wound tubes, the company has developed Advalite vinyl hybrid liquid resins that can cure in less than 80 minutes using an oven temperature of 150°C for a 25-mm wall section with exotherm temperatures of less than 140°C. Similarly, out-of-autoclave prepreg systems based on Advalite hot melt prepreg resins can cure in less than 30 minutes at oven temperatures of 125°C while storing the prepreg at room temperature for up to 12 months.

The Advalite vinyl hybrid liquid and hot melt resins can be used with both glass and carbon fibre reinforcements. Initial work on carbon fibre sizing has allowed the Advalite resins to achieve similar mechanical and thermo-mechanical properties as compared to epoxy resins. Additionally, low-profile additives have been developed to allow composites produced with Advalite to achieve volumetric expansion and zero-shrink systems for use in cosmetic surface parts.

The Advalite liquid resins can be used in RTM, infusion, filament winding, liquid moulding and pultrusion processes. The Advalite hot melt resins can be either directly coated or adhesive filmed for fibre impregnation.

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