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Repair of sweepolet defected welding joints

News International-French

14 Nov 2014

3X Engineering, the composite repair specialist, use its solution Reinforcekit 4D to repair two defects which were found on sweepolet welding joints due to bad molten metal using ultrasonic gauge.

The whole repair was done according to the proprietary 3X finite elements calculation software. Fifty six (56) layers of composite for the first sweepolet (96% wall thickness loss) and twenty (20) layers for the second sweepolet (67% wall thickness loss) were found necessary to reinforce the pipeline.

Surface preparation was made using sandblasting device. Pipeline was repressurized just after surface preparation up to operational pressure in order to minimize production loss.

F3X8 filler was applied at the sweepolet welding joints.

As this pipeline operates between ambient and 60°C temperatures, a combination of R4D-IC and R4D-EC kits were applied.

Aramide tape was impregnated with R3X5 resin, then with R3X1060, and helicoïdally wrapped with 50% tape overlap.

Curing time of 72 hours was necessary to get a fully functional repair.

About Reinforcekit 4D:
From minor corrosion to high risk damages, this product rehabilitates pipes to their original design characteristics.

3X Engineering has selected advanced materials for the tape, the resin and the putty to provide the industry with a solution for the most high risk cases (critical damages, temperature variation, high pressure...). The use of high quality materials is necessary to ensure the long term integrity of the repair.

The concept is a combination of Kevlar tape and specific epoxy resin. It provides the required strength according to the standards such as ASME B31G, ISO24.817, ASME PCC-2. Repair can be designed for lasting at least 20 years.

Reinforcekit 4D design makes it convenient no matter how is the pipe configuration: elbow, tee, oval pipe, bend and for pipe diameter ranging from 2” to 56”. Different resins have been developed to repair pipes affected by external, internal corrosion.

Dented pipes and through-wall-defect can be repaired by this kit as well.

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