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Research equipment for fibre manufacturers

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22 Feb 2019

A broad research and development field is opening under the keywords “New materials” and “Lightweight technology”.

Research equipment for fibre manufacturers
A “research tool”, a WKP 3000S series press, features maximum degrees of freedom with regard to settings and programming options. Active control ensures very exact closing movements.

The cycle-time-optimized downstroke press achieves tolerance in the parallelism between the plans of +/- 0.025mm during the pressing motion. Manufacturing increasingly complex part geometries calls for the most finely adjustable vacuum chamber system. The vacuum supply with a possible negative pressure of -0.05MPa is proportionally adjustable.

Material researchers can consequently select all pressures, from maximum negative pressure to atmospheric, and also reach these in the tool. The pressing functions are controlled directly via the PLC main controller. The programming follows a closed control loop. The press operation and the new control concept were adapted to the requirements of plant operators.

Wickert Maschinenbau konstruierte eine neue WKP 3000 S

A further criterion ensures high-precision component manufacturing: the guaranteed and extremely precise temperature distribution in the tool of up to 1°C across the entire surface. The remote monitoring service allows automatic data exchange with the Wickert diagnostics centre from anywhere in the world.

Wickert will showcase their innovation at JEC World 2019 at Booth M56, Pavilion 5.