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Resin flow monitoring for industrial applications

News International-French

24 Feb 2015

JEC Europe 2015 - Synthesites is introducing the Optiflow32 system, a total solution for monitoring the resin flow pattern in vacuum infusion and RTM advanced manufacturing applications.

With new, durable sensors to be placed at the inlet and outlet gates, it is now feasible to check the exact time the resin enters and exits the cavity, and this comes with easy-to-use software and reliable and efficient hardware at a very competitive cost. Furthermore, with the new non-intrusive wire sensors that can be placed in the laminate, a complete insight of the resin flow at critical locations is possible to study the repeatability of the resin flow pattern, especially during process development. These new flow sensors can be coupled with the existing in-mould durable sensors for sensing the resin at certain locations in the cavity.

With the Optiflow32 system, it is possible to use numerous sensors with very long cables in large ovens or autoclaves practically without any limitation, either for development or for production. Especially for production, Synthesites’ new durable inline sensor features a quick plug and release system and easy-to-clean design offering a unique tool with real-time quality control potential for aerospace applications. Additionally, with its built-in relay outputs, the new Optiflow32 system provides unique capabilities for real-time intelligent process control in liquid composite moulding.

Optiflow32 can be easily combined with Synthesites’ intelligent cure monitoring system.

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