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A resin system projected to reduce costs by 17-20%

News International-French

26 Jan 2018

Urethane Composites Group America was established with the objective of promoting low cost, clean, environment friendly composites (material and process) solutions without compromising on mechanical, thermal performance and long term endurance.

The composite industry as we know it has been stagnant on the raw material development front with dated options of vinyl ester and epoxy resin systems. However the industry is currently faced with new challenges and constantly tightening project budgets. With the ever escalating prices of incumbent resin systems and the increasing competition in the world market from new manufacturers of composite products; pipe and pressure vessel manufacturers are faced with the dilemma of either raising product prices or cutting down on their profitability to retain their market share.

UCG America thus provides the composites industry with the needed impetus of lowering the costs of raw materials and saving over 17-20% per unit of resin procured for use in the filament wound pipe and piping system industry thereby also reducing the cost of pipes per kilometer or pressure vessels per unit.

UCG America through research and development has pioneered alternative, high performance, low cost resin solutions for the filament winding industry for continuous and discontinuous pipes and piping systems as well as the pressure vessel industry. Long term survival testing (ASTM D2992) as well as testing in corrosive environments have proven that the revolutionary resin system far exceeds the performance of commercially used epoxy resin systems. 

UCG America is based out of Florida, USA and is setting up its base in Europe and the Middle East in the near future. UCG America was founded by industry experts that have been acknowledged by the industry for ground breaking innovations that save the composites industry millions of dollars annually.