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Resin systems for automotive and rail composites

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18 Feb 2015

JEC Europe 2015 - Hexion Inc. continues moving forward its solutions and products for the mass production of automotive structural parts.

Two new products are introduced, resulting from a close collaboration with industry partners. The new Epikote epoxy resin/Epikure curing agent TRAC 06170 system provides easier demoulding behaviour, faster curing, improved processability with RTM and LCM while maintaining the proprietary thermo-latency that extends the injection window.

This system is fully compatible with a new cross-linkable preform binder, Epikote epoxy resin TRAC 06720, which avoids fibre displacement even when high injection speed or pressure methods are used. This product combines excellent flow and application characteristics, does not negatively impact drapeability, and can produce permanently fixed preforms.

For the rail market, Hexion Inc. offers the Cellobond J2027/J2042 series that makes the production of EN45545 HL3 and HL2 compliant parts possible through hand lay-up and infusion processes. Such parts can meet the most stringent fire/smoke/toxicity (FST) requirements without intumescent coatings, and provide the lowest density as well as excellent productivity.

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