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6 Feb 2012

Resintex Technology S.r.l. promotes new Crystic Permabright gelcoat,  METYX Composites RTM fabrics, and fiRST® Technology  membrane system for the first time.

New Crystic Permabright gelcoat:

Scott Bader’s new marine approved advanced D-Iso/NPG gelcoat Crystic® Permabright. The comparative technical results obtained clearly shows that Scott Bader has developed a step change technology gelcoat which significantly outperforms established Iso/NPG and Iso gelcoat technologies. Other high performance Crystic products exists includes the range of Crestabond MMA primerless structural adhesives alongside the established RINA certified Crestomer adhesives, marine approved Crystic infusion resins and the new Crestapol® 1250LV high performance resin. In addition, for critical fire protection areas on a vessel, such as in engine compartments, there is also the Crystic Fireguard 75PA Excel top coat.


FIRST® Technology  membrane system:
Resintex Technology also promotes the techniques and benefits of using closed mould production technologies, such as reusable membrane infusion moulding (RMIM).  This technologie is suitable for infusion and prepreg moulding. Resintex Technology continues to be very active in helping boatbuilders apply closed mould technology to improve their production and help the environment.

The Activ-e ‘zero emissions’ all electric 10 metre  open top passenger boat, constructed in fibreglass, is a successful new ‘green’ project in Italy.  Resintex Technology supplies all the materials, technical support and the silicone membrane system for the Activ-e vessel which is now in production; vacuum infusion is used to fabricate the composite hull and interior sections. During the development stages, Resintex Technology worked in close collaboration with the Activ-e project team: Anselmo Mauri Costruzioni Nautiche (shipyard), h3o and Paolo Portinari (project and naval architecture), AM Project Management (project management), Navyonica (electronic and electrical assistance). 


METYX Composites RTM fabrics:

For the first time, Resintex Technology promotes new glass and carbon reinforcement materials. They have now secured distribution agreements with METYX Composites for their glass and carbon fabrics, as well as METYCORE and METYCORE MAX ranges. They have also secured a distribution agreement with Camelyaf for their glass chopped strand mats and woven rovings.

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