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Revolutionary prepreg compatible with glass, carbon and aramid fibres

News International-French

13 Mar 2012

JEC Europe 2012 - Velinox is a revolutionary prepreg compatible with glass, carbon and aramid fibres that provides:

- less than half the curing time of current prepregs,

- extremely low exotherm in any section thickness,

- no cold storage with a 4-month shelf-life at 35°C, 1 month at 50°C, and over 18 months at 20°C,

- improved mechanical performance.

Velinox further reduces the barriers for using high-performance prepreg as an alternative component manufacturing technology. For existing prepreg processes, it doubles the throughput with existing tooling or potentially halves the number of tools required. Velinox has been successfully tested for wind turbine blade sparcap applications and is currently undergoing production scale-up with beta test planned at major wind turbine OEM.


Velinox enables the market to have access to prepreg by removing key barriers to prepreg adoption:

 - lower tooling costs (minimal exotherm),

 - no need for cold storage,

 - significantly lower energy costs for curing.


Velinox resins can be combined with existing Gurit technologies such as SPRINT and Sparpreg for out-of-autoclave manufacture of high-quality composite components.



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