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Rhebergen Composites releases its new website

News International-French

22 Oct 2013

Tha company launches its new website. The responsive site and the website address will contribute to the progress of the company and the industry it supplies to.

The new website in English gives a better insight into the possibilities offered by composites and shows a portfolio of the projects delivered by Rhebergen Composites. The look and feel of the site have been changed to adjust it to the superyacht industry, the core business of the company.

A year ago the management of Rhebergen Composites was modernised. Since then, the company has invested in further professionalisation and in even more efficient production procedures including communications. With this kind of professionalisation the company wants to emphasise the quality of its products. The logo was subtly changed and now there is the new website that serves as a visual company presentation for and by the  clients of Rhebergen Composites.

The address of the new website is "". Email addresses have also been adjusted accordingly. The new website was created in cooperation with Raakwater Marine Marketing.

Rhebergen Composites is a specialist in custom made turnkey solutions in marine composites and especially in the superyacht industry.