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Rhebergen delivers ingenious roof

News International-French

17 Feb 2011

Rhebergen Composites has successfully delivered an ingenious 21 by 6 metre roof for a client in Basle. The Amsterdam-based company made the extraordinary construction for a luxuriously refitted office villa in the mountainous surrounding the Northern Swiss town.

“The roof had to be thin, lightweight, very strong and resistant to extreme temperature changes,” says Rhebergen press officer Sophie Dek. “Curving mountain roads made it almost impossible to reach the villa by road, so we organised a spectacular transport by air and water. It was a very complex logistical operation, compounded by the very high quality demands made for the construction by the Swiss architect.”

Sandwich construction
During this project Rhebergen relied on its years of experience with major composite constructions in the nautical sector. The company produced a substantial roof composed of a sandwich construction of foam and carbon/glass laminate. The entire roof was then injected in a vacuum with epoxy, ensuring a high level of strong fibre with minimal weight.

The narrow measurements of the access routes in the mountainous area forced Rhebergen to indulge in some serious creative thinking says Dek. “In addition to being so large, the roof also had to be portable. We shipped it from Amsterdam to Basle, where a helicopter transported the entire colossus by air over the last kilometres. It took some smart manoeuvring to reach the final destination and carefully lay the roof on its supporting structure.”

Cleaner production
Rhebergen has been one of the world’s leading producers of complex lightweight composite parts for the marine sector since 1987 and is a reliable supplier of tailor-made products. The Amsterdam-based company is specialised in the vacuum injection of large surfaces, whereby it produces higher quality material with a lighter weight in a cleaner and faster productionprocess.


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