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RheTech Inc. expands its biocomposites product line

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24 Jan 2012

The thermoplastics compounder announced that it has expanded its RheVision® biocomposites product line to include agave fiber and coconut fiber.

These new biofibers, including RheVision’s existing offering of wood fiber, rice hull and flax fiber reinforced polyolefin, are helping RheTech meet the growing demand for environmentally friendly materials that meet the performance characteristics of its customers.


The agave fiber is the residual by–product from the production of tequila. According to RheTech, the fiber is very strong and enhances the aesthetic appeal of components with a unique, fibrous aesthetic quality.  Agave is ideal for applications that require impact strength and stiffness, or where the OEM is looking for a unique look.


The coconut fiber is ground coconut shell, which is left over after all usable products are harvested. These shells are typically left to degrade or used for the production of charcoal. When processed, the coconut fiber yields a product that is very stiff and has a very hard surface. It has application in end-products such as interior trim in the transportation market that is traditionally manufactured from talc filled polypropylene. 


About RheTech
RheTech, Inc. is a leading producer of filled and reinforced polypropylenes and color concentrates and additives for the automotive, truck, electronics, construction, and consumer markets. The company is headquartered in Whitmore Lake, Mich. Successfully growing its business for over forty years, this privately held company has three plants in Michigan and Ohio.

RheTech Engineered Plastics produces a range of engineered materials, including the RheLon® line of reinforced polyamides and is headquartered in Blacksburg, South Carolina.


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