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Richmond Aerovac adds a new vacuum bagging film to its portfolio

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8 Jul 2011

Strechvac3000 is ideally suited to high temperature extended autoclave cures and is compatible with the majority of commonly used aerospace grade resin systems, including BMIs.

Richmond Aerovac, part of UMECO Composites, announced on the 7th of July 2011 the launch of Strechvac3000 film, the newest addition to the market leading Strechvac range of vacuum bagging films.


Boeing recently qualified and switched to Strechvac3000 due to its superior adhesion to sealant tape, retention of mechanical properties during lengthy cure cycles (10+ hours) and improved quality performance in comparison to other aerospace approved vacuum bagging films.


Randy, senior composites engineer, in Seattle said “It’s awesome!  This film has given us increased confidence in our bagging processes and demonstrated improved security compared to our existing film.”


The film is widely used for composite manufacture in both roll stock and welded/kitted formats.


Strechvac3000 is manufactured on UMECO Composites ‘state of the art’ blown extrusion line and is available in a wide variety of widths, thicknesses and formats.



About Umeco


Umeco provides a complete range of advanced composites materials and associated ancillary materials, principally to the aerospace, motorsport, automotive, defence and wind energy markets.


Listed on the London Stock Exchange, Umeco had turnover of £409.4 million in the year to 31 March 2010.


Customers include: Boeing, Airbus, BAE Systems, manufacturers of wind turbines, a number of manufacturers of high performance supercars and Formula One teams.



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