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Richmond Aerovac launches Indian liaison office

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7 Sep 2011

The liaison office is a communication channel between Richmond Aerovac in the UK and their Indian customers, which will be managed by Rimzath Ali, who is based in Chennai.

Rimzath is a B Tech polymer technologist with nine years experience in composite manufacturing, which include six years in wind turbine blade manufacturing.  As well as this, Rimzath has carried out a number of resin infusion projects in the wind energy, marine, defence and automotive industries.


Rimzath will coordinate information flow between Richmond Aerovac’s customers and will also assist them in completely understanding the utilities of Richmond Aerovac’s products.



About Richmond Aerovac

Richmond Aerovac develop, manufacture and distribute high performance vacuum bagging consumable materials and innovative product solutions to the advanced composite industry.  With their value added product solutions - including reusable and welded vacuum bags, kits and formats - Aerovac provide a unique service to the advanced composite market.  Richmond Aerovac’s 30 years of experience in the industry has given them a deep understanding of their customers, and the dynamic requirements of this industry, making them the technology specialists.


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