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Rickter launches personal watercraft line reinforced by TeXtreme

News International-French

4 May 2016

The personal watercraft manufacturer Rickter-RRP has just launched its model lineup for 2016 – featuring the top-of-the-line XFS Ninja Competition freestyle jet ski reinforced by TeXtreme.

For the 2016 XFS NINJA Competition, Rickter collaborated with Formula One composite engineers to develop a new layup that is lighter, stronger and stiffer as a result of using TeXtreme spread tow carbon fiber fabrics.

TeXtreme differs from conventional carbon fiber materials due to its proprietary production methods. Its track record of contributing to winning product releases – by companies including Bauer Hockey, Prince Tennis, Cobra Puma Golf and Bell Helmets – has demonstrated the real-world performance improvements that can be achieved using TeXtremeTechnology.

TeXtreme is based on spreading tows (yarns) into tapes that are weaved into a fabric that is much thinner than conventional carbon fiber fabrics, with straighter fibers that optimize and strengthen the composite while delivering lighter weight.

Rickter is now offering reinforcement with TeXtreme as an option for 2016 on the EDGE FS, EDGE FR, XFS, and RC-1. The 2016 XFS NINJA Competition comes with TeXtreme only. Rickter also designs and manufactures TeXtreme reinforced exhaust chambers, hood scoops, ride plates and flow guards.

In addition to the use of TeXtreme in personal watercraft, its innovative technology is applied in Formula 1, NASCAR and America’s Cup racing; in the manufacture of bicycles, golf shafts, tennis racquets, surfboards, rowing shells, skis and snowboards; and in various industrial and advanced aerospace applications.

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