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Robot and software for fibre placement

News International-French

12 Mar 2012

JEC Europe 2012 - Based in France, Germany and Canada, Coriolis Composites provides robotic cells and software for fibre placement. The company mainly supplies its products to the commercial aerospace, automotive and wind turbine industries.

Last December, the company celebrated its 10th anniversary in Lorient, France with 130 guests. The event was the opportunity to hold technical conferences and to organize in-house demos of different robotic cells. The classics: ¼” 8- and 16-fibre thermoset, dry and thermoplastic fibre placement cells with laser heating device. The new product: a high-productivity 25m collaborative robotic cell with two heavy-duty KR500 robots from Kuka equipped with a new-generation creel that can support up to 16-kg bobbins as well as a 1/8" 8-fibre bidirectional head. The company has also established two partnerships with Vistagy and Dassault Systems for the development of dedicated fibre placement software.


Within ten years, Coriolis Composites has earned a leading role in the aerospace industry and has now reached an industrial dimension based on international contracts, the development of new products through its robotics expertise, software development and composites engineering.



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