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Robot machining

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26 Feb 2014

JEC Europe 2014PowerMILL Robot is a CAM software solution developed by Delcam to machine parts via a robot. With this software, users have access to a comprehensive range of multi-axis machining strategies and can use a full range of management options to manage, store and retrieve data. 

The core functionality of PowerMILL Robot consists of three main steps: programming, simulation and creation of the robot programs. PowerMILL Robot can be used to simulate the complete machining operation and to control the robot’s movements through different variables, such as axis limits, axis priorities and workplane constraints.

The robot’s working envelope can be displayed to optimise the position of the part or initial stock, and so give maximum access to the material. The maximum range of movements required of each axis can be viewed to analyse the robot’s behaviour and movements throughout the operation. Any issues that may prevent the toolpaths from being completed successfully are highlighted. Graphs display the axis limits, wrist singularity and axis reversals, to give a better understanding of how the robot will move.

Once the results of the simulation have been reviewed, the program can be output in the appropriate robot native language. Full support for external axes – such as rotary tables and linear tracks – can be included, as well as dedicated tools for spindle calibration. PowerMILL Robot enables the robots to achieve levels of accuracy similar to many CNC milling machines when cutting softer materials.

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