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Robotmaster V6

News International-French

1 Mar 2013

JEC Europe 2013 - Robotmaster® V6, the leading CAD/CAM programming system for robots, has been released.

Robotmaster V6 offers many new features for machining with robots and includes many new features that optimize spray/coating, plasma/laser cutting, robot welding and other composites industry applications that require point-specific control. Using an interactive graphical tool, end-users can easily and dynamically apply process-specific parameters (power settings, speeds, cut parameters, etc.) at any point. These new features eliminate the need to modify these points in the robot control.


In addition to the new flexible point controls, the part setup process has also been significantly improved. The user can easily visualize the robot in the workspace environment and perform quick visual and distance tests to determine the best position of the part in the robot workspace. Transitions between different paths can also be managed easily using the newly redesigned robot repositioning tool.


Robotmaster will be demonstrated along with a Kuka milling robot cell with the CNC controller at the company’s booth.


Robotmaster functions within Mastercam®, one of the market’s leading CAD/CAM solutions. The powerful CAD/CAM functionalities in Robotmaster offer a multitude of solutions that allow robots to perform tasks that were once considered tedious, time consuming and often impossible.

Robotmaster is a product of Jabez Technologies, distributed in Europe by Intercam SA.



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