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Robotmaster V6

News International-French

5 Nov 2012

JEC Americas 2012 - Expanding on powerful optimizing tools, Robotmaster Version 6 sets a new standard for programming robots.

It introduces simulation-based, off-line interaction tools that provide total user control for fast and flexible robot programming, forming a perfect complement to the automation offered by its existing industry-proven features. In addition, a configurable interface will be introduced that can be customized to support any process, providing accurate and intuitive control of all process parameters ensuring a perfect program.


Robotmaster® seamlessly integrates robot programming, simulation and program generation inside Mastercam®’s industry-proven CAD/CAM platform. Common robot programming challenges typically require intricate user intervention or costly manual editing for producing error-free programs. Robotmaster V6 provides innovative new tools to effortlessly optimize robot programs producing error-free robot paths avoiding singularity zones and collisions, working around joint and reach limitations and optimizing tool orientations along the entire trajectory. It is ideally suited to program robots for such tasks as trimming, 3D machining, de-burring, polishing, welding, dispensing, grinding and painting, and supports most industrial robot models.


Robotmaster V6 will be demonstrated at JEC Americas 2012.



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