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Robotmaster V6 MU1

News International-French

5 Mar 2014

JEC Europe 2014 - Jabez Technologies, a developer of CAD/CAM programming system for robots, has increased the functionality of Robotmaster V6. 

The powerful V6 release offers tools for visualizing processes/events in the Robotmaster Interactive Simulation Environment (RISE). These improvements increase productivity in the composite market when laying tape or verifying flexible tooling machine interaction with the part/robot, etc. New robot brand support, more configurations with external axes and radically efficient complex contour tool trajectories are just a few of the new features.

Robotmaster V6 also offers features that optimize spray/coating, plasma/laser cutting, robot welding and other composites industry applications that require point-specific control. Using an interactive graphical tool, users can easily and dynamically apply process-specific parameters (power settings, speeds, cut parameters, etc.) at any selected point. The user can easily visualize the robot in the workspace environment and perform quick visual and distance tests to determine the best position of the part in the workspace.

A demonstration of the Robotmaster V6 along with a Kuka milling robot cell involving the trimming of a motorcycle part will take place at JEC 2014 in Paris.

Robotmaster is a product of Jabez Technologies, specialists in software solutions for industrial automation, manufacturing and robotics since 1997. Robotmaster is distributed in Europe by Intercam SA.

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