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RocTool combines composites and mass production

News International-French

12 Nov 2012

JEC Americas 2012 - During the first time in the USA, RocTool has showcased their fast compression molding process at the first JEC Americas by producing an ultra-thin (less than 1mm thick) electronic back cover in only 2 minutes 30 seconds.

Mass production using Composites is now possible with RocTool’s 3iTech®.
The 3iTech® technology is the process of heating the mold by electromagnetic induction which allows to heat a compression mold in seconds at very high temperatures (eg. 400°C) and cool down as quickly with the water cooling system. Therefore, the production of Carbon Composite parts in mass production is now possible with cycle times never achieved before without surface defects despite their complexity: eg. ribs, bosses, fasteners etc.

« The RocTool technology allows mass production at high speed, which introduces Composites into the Automobile and Electronic industries. In Boston, we will prove that we are capable to produce complex parts for Electronic applications with an optimal surface quality when removed from the mold in under 3 minutes, when other systems have much longer cycle times and extra finishing stages are needed » says Mathieu Boulanger, RocTool’s Business Development Director.

Impossible parts to produce using alternative systems.
Many Electronic leaders worldwide have chosen RocTool because its technology applies its process and manages to respond to current market trends in terms of design, resistance and being lightweight. « Our processes meet the current Electronic market (tablets/smartphone etc.): To produce complex composite parts, in mass production with a thickness of less than 1mm, is now possible. Today, our clients use RocTool’s technologies because they can manufacture parts they are unable to do using other processes and/or to remain competitive. In other words, we offer to take the lead in terms of competitiveness and innovation » continues Mathieu Boulanger.