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Roctool opens a subsidiary in Germany

News International-French

20 May 2014

The specialist in the design and development for rapid molding of composite and plastic injection announces the opening of a subsidiary in Heitersheim Germany, in Bade-Wurtemberg. 

In order to strengthen its presence in the German plastics market, RocTool opens a subsidiary and demonstration center in Heitersheim. By choosing the location near Freiburg, RocTool strengthens its visibility in the German Automotive sector, the largest European market.

The opening of this German subsidiary accompanies the signing of a strategic partnership with SLG Kunststoff, an independent company based in the Black Forest which produces high quality, plastic injection molded parts. The SLG family run group have several factories in the region with a new technical centre where the resources will be shared with RocTool.

The technical center will benefit from 6 injection machines, ranging from 100 to 1000 tonnes which can accommodate small to large size molds. RocTool will have their own offices at the same site and have decided to recruit experienced personnel in Business Development, Tool Development and Technical Support for their German clients. The aim of this technical center is first of all, to provide live demonstrations for potential clients interested in RocTool’s innovations, secondly, to perform technical trials before production is put in place at German Licensees premises.

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