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RocTool presents its three last generation technologies

News International-French

29 Oct 2013

RocTool designs innovative processes for quick molding. These latest technologies take into account the requirements of the leading electronics, automotive and luxury cosmetic industries, plus offer superior surface appearance, reduced thickness all at a compatible mass production cost.

These technologies may interest major brands and their manufacturers because they open new fields and opportunities for mass production. Presenting three new parts, RocTool demonstrates that quality, speed and quantity are now compatible.

The In-Mold Decoration
RocTool presents parts combining RocTool technologies with the “D-IMD Digital In-Mold Decoration” from the start up Zomazz. The surface quality is amazing and scratch resistance is increased…
By combining the two processes, it is possible to offer new opportunities in the gaming and automotive markets, responding in particular to new mass customization demands.

RocTool speeds things up by producing carbon hybrid parts
The company enables molding of hybrid parts; a reinforced carbon fiber composite part is over-molded with plastic injection, this combines the advantages of both materials without specific finishing.

Plastic injection: Electronic tablet cover, 0.8 mm thick
RocTool produces plastic injected, electronic tablet housing reaching record highs in terms of thickness: 0.8mm! Roctool is the only company who is capable of producing electronic housing using engineering plastics with fiber contents, that do not require painting, and with a thickness is less than 1mm.

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