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Roctool : transfer from Euronext to Alternext Paris Stock Exchange and capital increase

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14 Nov 2013

RocTool, a specialist in the design and development of technologies for molding composites and plastics, announced the transfer from NYSE Euronext to NYSE Alternext with a capital increase of € 3.6 million.

This operation has a dual purpose:

  • Provides the means to the group to accelerate its growth, international expansion and reinforce its efforts in Research & Development to adapt its innovative technology to the molding of metal.
  • Having already been listed on the NYSE Euronext Paris exchange since 2008, this transfer onto the exchange related market known as NYSE Alternext is also to enhance RocTool’s visibility to its latest investors but mainly to its clients, who are predominantly global actors and who are dominate in their respective markets.

Innovation the heart of RocTool Technology
Due to its innovative technology, RocTool revolutionized rapid molding processes for composites, then plastic injection. RocTool now wants to continue to offer new developments of its innovative induction technology , particularly for metal molding and aims to make its technology essential even vital to major brands and their manufacturers in order to produce parts that are economically competitive, with impeccable quality.

An aggressive growth strategy, focused on international
Driven by three major world markets with great potential – consumer electronics , consumer products and automotive – RocTool wants to accelerate its international development and invest in its existing subsidiaries and create new ones, notably in Germany and Japan.

The group also intends to accelerate its growth by signing new licensing agreements
RocTool is the only company who has succeeded with its licensing models to big brands and their manufacturers since beginning the marketing of the exclusive, innovative technology. This unique revenue model, gene rates royalties, also contributes to the sustainability and growth of the Group.

Terms of the capital increase
The Group undertook an increase of capital through a private placement of 3,6M€ Euros via a pool of several institutional investors.

RocTool chose Invest Securities to be their advisors and Listing Sponsor to accompany RocTool in this transfer operation on the NYSE Alternext Market.

More about RocTool:
Created in 2000, RocTool revolutionizes fast molding processes for composites, plastic injection and very soon metal. The processes developed by RocTool are for innovative industries: consumer electronics, automotive, sports & leisure and hold many advantages including reduced cycle times, enhanced quality of parts produced so from a strategic point of view, for manufacturers, the cost of the produced part.  Strong with a team of specialists, a client base of leaders in their respective markets and a “ licensing out ” business model, generating recurring revenue, RocTool currently has 80 patents and develops its innovative, rapid molding solutions to 40 Licensees in over 12 countries.

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