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Rolls-Royce extends contract with FACC for supplying composite components

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7 Mar 2016

FACC AG extended its contract with the British engine manufacturer for supplying composite components for civil jet engines. The first contract was concluded in 2000; the extension covers the period up to 2025 and comprises deliveries of both production and aftermarket components.

"This new contract consolidates our position as one of Rolls-Royce's key suppliers and recognizes our technological leadership in the sector of high-strength lightweight components for civil aircraft. Our innovative composite solutions are even employed in the most heavily stressed engine areas, where, alongside weight and high strength, noise reduction is also a vital concern." explained Walter Stephan, Chairman of FACC AG, at the signing of the contract.

The range of FACC products used on Rolls-Royce jet engines includes fan case linings, sound-absorbing fairings, nose spinners, and bypass ducts. Thanks to perforated acoustic panels, the FACC components contribute to improvements in noise reduction. Complex, integral composite solutions are increasingly replacing traditional, often multi-component, metal applications, and provide savings in both weight and assembly time. Manufacturing of the highest precision with the tightest of tolerances is the basis here for fulfilling the strict requirements relating to safety and reliability. FACC can offer Rolls-Royce cost-efficient benefits with established manufacturing methods and permanent process optimization, coupled with an international supplier network.

"Over the past few years, FACC and Rolls-Royce have developed an exemplary customer-supplier relationship," Günter Nelböck, Director of Engine Programs at FACC, stressed. "All those involved form a perfect team that pulls together. This is the only way in which FACC can best meet customer requirements regarding technology, quality and deadlines, and achieve the highest levels of delivery performance. A big 'thank you' to all team members!"

Longstanding partnership with a view to efficiency and the environment
This year marks the 15th anniversary of cooperation between Rolls-Royce and FACC in the development and production of engine composites. As Vice President Engines & Nacelles, Robert Braunsberger has been in close communication with Rolls-Royce since the very beginning of this cooperation.

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