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A roof repair GRP coating system

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6 Feb 2015

Scott Bader introduces Fix-Rcryl 10, a ‘damp weather’ roof repair and refurbishment GRP coating system.

At the Ecobuild 2015 exhibition, taking place from 3-5 March at the ExCeL conference centre, London, Scott Bader (stand N4038) is promoting this new product, showcased alongside its BBA approved CrysticROOF range for manufacturing new GRP flat and pitched roofs. CrysticROOF products are fully compatible with standard roofing materials commonly used such as: OSB3 boards; edge trims; fillets; and flashings. The FIX-Rcryl 10 repair system is available exclusively in the UK from SIG Roofing, extending the FIX-R range of roofing products.

FIX-Rcryl 10 - for existing roof repairs
The system comes ‘ready to use’, with no need for the addition of a separate catalyst or mixing. It is a single, cold applied, liquid resin product, used in combination with standard chopped strand glass matting, easily applied by hand with a brush, roller or squeegee. This repair system has been developed to suit the UK climate, providing an instant waterproof repair seal against rain. FIX-Rcryl 10 can be used in dry or damp weather conditions and ambient temperatures ranging from 5 0C up to 25 0C.

According to Scott Bader, FIX-Rcryl 10 is a quick and cost effective option for roofing contractors looking to make durable, strong and reliable weather resistant repairs or refurbishments to a wide variety of pre-installed flat and pitched roofs. It can be used to make repairs to commonly used roofing materials including: bituminous surfaces, guttering, brickwork, asbestos, concrete, felt, metal, timber and fibreglass.

The base resin and coating technology in FIX-Rcryl 10 was developed for SIG Roofing by Scott Bader’s R & D team; the system uses a low odour, low VOC, solvent based acrylic resin, with a high solid content, formulated to give optimal flexibility and long durability.

CrysticROOF Range - for new flat and pitched roofs
During EcoBuild 2015, visitors to the Scott Bader stand will also be able to find out about the CrysticROOF range of cold-applied GRP roofing products, developed specifically for installing flat and pitched roof designs. CrysticROOF ‘BBA Premier’ is a proven, long-lasting, leak-free alternative system to using more traditional roofing materials such as bitumen, felt and lead, and comes with a 25 year guarantee if installed by a certified contractor. It is a fully BBA approved flat roofing system, which now includes a fire resistant (FR) isophthalic topcoat as standard, helpings installers and contractors avoid the risk of not meeting fire safety legislation and building regulations. The CrysticROOF Premier system meets BS476 Part 3 for all roof structures and shapes including: flat, valley and pitched roofs, walkways, roof-lights and balconies. When correctly applied, it provides long term UV resistance and weathering performance, remaining watertight and maintenance-free for many years. CrysticROOF ‘BBA Premier’ is only available from a fully trained, Scott Bader accredited CrysticROOF installer, and then comes with a 25 year materials guarantee.

A roofing installer can lengthen the building season later in winter and earlier in the spring by using CrysticROOF COOLCure according to the installation guidelines, as part of a CrysticROOF system. COOLCure is a low temperature GRP liquid resin, chemically formulated by Scott Bader for application in cold weather down to as low as 5°C when used with a suitable HBO-50 winter catalyst, which enables the thermoset resin to react, fully cure and harden even at low temperatures.

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