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Room-temperature-curing elastic sealants and adhesives

News International-French

2 Mar 2015

JEC Europe 2015 - L&L’s A-J series is a range of high-performance, room-temperature-curing elastic sealants and adhesives formulated to meet the demanding requirements of the global commercial vehicles industry.

Typical applications for this new range of materials include:
• Elastic bonding and sealing of bus/coach roofs, side panels, luggage doors and floor panels;
• Elastic bonding and sealing of truck high roof panels, body structures, cockpits and pedal plate areas;
• Backfilling and sealing of exposed joints;
• Elastic bonding and sealing of construction/agricultural vehicle roofs, cabin side walls and door panels.

The elastic adhesive bonding materials are formulated for an excellent balance of strength, elongation and creep resistance for applications requiring robust assembly of dissimilar substrates. A-J series materials completely cure at room temperature via a one-component technology system.

Key features of the L&L SEAL A-J range include:
• Robust adhesion without primers to most metals and composites for optimum acoustic and anti-corrosion sealing;
• Enhanced worker safety, with formulations that are free of solvents, VOCs and isocyanates;
• No shrinkage for reduced rework on bonded structures;
• Wide range of cure speeds;
• Broad range of mechanical properties from elastic sealants to creep-resistant elastic adhesives.

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