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Room-temperature-curing structural adhesives

News International-French

6 Mar 2015

JEC Europe 2015 - L&L’s A-K series is a range of high-performance structural adhesives intended for use in structural bonding applications for vehicle assembly. 

A-K series materials cure completely at room temperature via a two-component technology system.

Typical applications for this new range of materials include:
• Structural bonding of truck body assemblies, high roof structures, grill assemblies, bumper modules, closures, aerodynamic trim, fender structures, hood assemblies and cockpit structures;
• Structural bonding of bus side panels, luggage doors, passenger doors, roof structures, front and rear end modules, interior trim;
• Structural bonding of closures, cabin structures, hood assemblies, roof modules and interior trim of agricultural and construction vehicles.
Key features of the L&L BOND A-K range include:
• Robust adhesion without primers to metals (including galvanized steel and aluminium), composites and FRP, low-energy plastics such as polypropylene, polyethylene and GMT for optimum structural performance;
• Enhanced worker safety, with low/no odour and non-flammable systems;
• Low shrinkage for reduced rework on bonded structures;
• Wide range of cure speeds;
• Withstands high-temperature bake cycles;
• High tensile strength and elongation;
• A wide range of viscosities are available to suit application requirements, from non-sagging gels to spreadable pastes.

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